Our Mission

Our mission is to attract and connect people to Jesus and his body, so that together we are transformed for his service.

Our Core Values

Acceptance: Striving to be like Christ, we welcome everyone from all walks of life, accepting them where they are.

Compassion: Empathizing, we consider serving a privilege, not a burden. We serve and nurture those in need through loving benevolence.

Community: As Christians, we are called to community. We reap joy through loving fellowship, forgiving and bearing one another’s burdens, which builds relationships and promotes profound life changes.

Spirit-Filled Worship: We praise God and edify one another through passionate singing, prayer and communion. Our worship welcomes the Holy Spirit so that each participant has an encounter with God.

Adaptability: While, remaining true to God’s word, we are not bound by tradition, but are flexible, pragmatic, and creative when it comes to the methods and forms necessary to adapt to an ever-changing culture.

Teaching: We want to be students and teachers of the inspired Word of God in order to transform our lives and the lives of others as we grow in Christ.

Our Leadership Team


Our elders oversee, shepherd, and serve our congregation in countless ways.

Rich Alexander

Bill Anderson

Dick Doty

Tim Gooden

Ricky Houchens

Worship Pastor

Jared Mann

Jared Mann joined the Avenue community in 2023 and is originally from Yucaipa, CA. Jared is passionate about all things music, from writing and recording to production. He is also a mechanic, motorcycle enthusiast, espresso fanatic, film photographer, and an avid pursuant of God's presence through worship.

Lead Pastor

Joel Childers

Joel joined our community in 2021 when he, his wife Emily, and their daughter Elanor moved to Kentucky from Texas. Joel is an avid sports fan, loves the outdoors, and eating authentic barbecue. He’s passionate about preaching, teaching, and helping people encounter Jesus through Scripture.


Kathy Gibson

Kathy Gibson has been our secretary since 2006. In addition to office duties, Kathy is the coordinator of the church’s assistance program for helping people with their rent, utilities, etc. She and her husband, Bruce, have been members of Avenue Church since 1972. They are the parents of two adult children and have three grandchildren. Kathy likes to read and hike — when she has time.

Attract & Connect Team

This team is responsible for ensuring our Sunday Worship experience is enriching and attractive. Its focus is to create an environment in which anyone who attends can encounter Jesus.


Brian Rich

Amelia Anderson-Mooney

Tammy Alexander


Garvin & Marlene Freeman


Daniel Mooney


Randy Hoggard

Building & Grounds

Nathan Gassaway

Connect & Transform Team

This team is responsible for helping our community grow deeper in relationship with Jesus and one another. Its focus is to establish regular, creative methods of connecting with God through and alongside one another.

Children & Youth

Cathy Doty

Allison Hoggard

Meagan Gooden

Community & Events

Jess Gooden


Zac Ross

Trey Alexander

Adult Discipleship

Joel Childers

Transform & Serve Team

This team is responsible for the ways our congregation reaches beyond its own walls and members. Its focus is to help us be more like Jesus through loving service and gospel-centered outreach.

Soup Kitchen

Martha & John Havener

Clothing House

Jane & David Hammer

L.O.C.K. (Love Others Community Kitchen)

Scott & Tammy Vineyard


Marty Ross

Cavey McCoy