We’re so glad you found us! The Avenue Church is a community of Jesus followers, committed to loving God and loving others as well as we can. If that interests you, you’re considering following Jesus, or you’re just looking for a place to belong, we hope you’ll stop by!

At the Avenue we’re committed to providing anyone and everyone a place where they can encounter Jesus, develop meaningful relationships, and express their love for God. From adults to teens to children, we’ve got a place for everyone to join us as we follow Jesus together.

Commonly Asked Questions

What’s your worship service like?

Our worship always includes prayer, singing, and readings from the Bible. Sometimes we sing with just our voices (a capella), and other times we’re accompanied by instruments.

Every week we share the Lord’s Supper together, which is bread and juice representing the body and blood of Jesus.


How long is your worship service?

Our worship service begins at 9:30 and usually lasts about an hour. Bible Classes for all ages start a few minutes after worship finishes, and last for about forty-five minutes.

What about my kids?

Every week we have Bible Classes for children of all ages, where our kids learn simple lessons from the Bible in a fun, safe, Jesus-centered environment.

We want our kids to play a role in our worship every Sunday! Each week, our kids are invited up to the platform to help lead the congregation in fun, joyful songs of praise to God. This is one of the highlights of our gatherings each week!

Immediately after the Kids’ songs, before the sermon sermon, our kids (3-7) are dismissed to Childrens’ Worship, where they sing, play, make crafts, and have an age-appropriate lesson from the Bible. A nursery is also available for younger children, and kids from 8-11 meet in Kids for the King twice a month.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Wear whatever you’re comfortable in! You’re likely to see people in dress clothes, people wearing shorts and t-shirts, and everything in between. We believe Jesus is much more interested in how we treat one another than what we wear.

There’s nothing you need to bring! Many people will bring a Bible (or phone Bible app) or something to take notes on, but you don’t need to bring anything to have a good experience.

How do I find my way around?

Our facilities can take some getting used to. Here’s a map that can help you find where you need to go, but the best way to find your way around is to show up and ask someone@

If you have any questions, want to get involved, or are in need of assistance, please Contact Us!